DueDil was founded in 2011 to provide companies with better information about other businesses. It is now one of the largest sources of company information in Europe.

The company’s objective is to build a worldwide database of all companies, bringing full transparency to the way global business is conducted. DueDil aims to make the world’s private company information available and easy to understand for everyone.

Based in London, DueDil has raised nearly $30m from respected investors in the US and UK, including Oak Investment Partners, Passion Capital and Notion Capital.

Company Founder

Damian Kimmelman


Address & Contact

  • 25 Christopher Street
    EC2A 2BS
    United Kingdom
  • 020 3137 8490


Damian Kimmelman

Damian Kimmelman

Co-Founder & CEO

Justin Fitzpatrick

Justin Fitzpatrick

COO & Co-Founder