Prajit Nanu

Prajit Nanu

CEO & Co-Founder

What I did from September 2002 to July 2014 doesn’t matter, if it’s of interest I held senior roles in TMF Group, WNS and Capita in Sales, Solution development and Consulting.

I always had an entrepreneurial bug which finally crystalized in 2013 when I had a personal problem sending money abroad. To be honest in a way I have been lucky, one of my earliest jobs was with Adventity where I got to interact with the founders very closely. Their passion and energy was the first time I realized I also want to be an Entrepreneur. To become an Entrepreneur also needs guts if you’re doing well in your corporate job as your used to taking home a decent pile of money every month. Finally, in 2013 everything just came together.

Sending payments cross border for individuals and corporates was always expensive we felt that we could not only reduce the cost but also fasten the process of sending money. InstaReM (short for Instant Remittance) was technically formed in 2013 December. Credit to the name to Sid a close friend. Amit who I knew for few years used to run a technology company and was instrumental in building the company and platform. We used to brainstorm at LPQ and Starbucks under my office for hours. Plenty of challenges later we incorporated the company in August 2014, received remittance license in Australia in 2014 and fast forward Q4 2016 we are South East Asia’s largest cross border payments company based on transaction volume.

InstaReM now considered as Gateway of Payments into Asia covers as niche as Nepal to as far and wide as P&G. We have Banks, Payment processors, Corporates, SME’s and Individuals processing thousands of transactions per day. Our team thinks this is the beginning, by 2020 we want to be the most dominant payment platform in Asia.

We are always hiring people who share the same passion we have irrespective of your background. If interested feel free to reach out to me.