Christoph Hering

Christoph Hering

Co-Founder & CEO

I am a Blockchain enthusiast and actively coaching companies and entrepreneurs to integrate the Graphene Blockchain into their companies. It is my goal for 2016 to build profitable blockchain companies.

Current projects for 2016:
- Looking for startups, entrepreneurs and mid-size companies who are interested in Blockchain Technology

- Looking for speech opportunities, talking about Blockchain Technology, BitShares, Blockchain Crowdfunding

- Building my professional network and meeting inspiring people in the greater Munich Area

- Foster business development on the BitShares platform

Further Projects:
I am developing the leading network of Entrepreneurs and Founders in the greater area of Munich. I am the organizer of the Entrepreneurship Mastermind Group (EMMG) and I am looking forward to meeting you at one of the monthly meetups hold in the heart of Munich.

My goal is to provide an international platform for like minded Entrepreneurs in Munich to connect, exchange experience and find the co-founder you always wanted. I encourage you to visit our events and find the right mastermind group for you and your business.

The EMMG targets an international audiences, using innovative networking strategies to allow you to connect to as many like-minded people as possible all within one night.

  • Munich