Frederico Araujo

Frederico Araujo


Chief Security and Information officer at Omise.
I'm operations specialist focused on security, scalability, high performance, product development, payment data related problems and PCI DSS compliance for payment gateways.

I mostly specialize in the Security field, PCI DSS implementation for web applications, databases and Cloud architecture specifically payment solutions and Mobile payment. Building and improving Fraud detection systems for credit card payment gateways.

With many years of experience working for different tech startups, bootstrapping Ideas into applications, leads to successful products and results.

I've scaled and implemented large database deployments such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB replica sets, and parallel crawler systems on multiple platforms.

Chef, Amazon Web Services (AWS Opsworks) are my main tools for Cloud deployments and automation to achieve the best scalability and redundancy. Centralized logging for compliance and threat detection is another area of expertize, with open-source tools such as fluentd, kibana and elasticsearc

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